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The Witch's House of Beverly Hills

The Witch's House in Beverly Hills
Photo by Gregobagel/Getty Images

"The Witch’s House is a Mecca on Halloween—I knew that when I bought the house," says Michael J. Libow, owner of an iconic home "built for Willat Studios back in 1920 as a set for a few silent films, including Hansel and Gretel, and a studio office." The house looks like something from the deep, dark woods of a fairy tale rather than posh Beverly Hills.

As unique as this home is, one can actually find a number of fairy-tale inspired homes in the Hollywood Hills and throughout the city. Perhaps because Los Angeles is the city of dreams (as well as home to many set designers), its residents are fond of making their wishes come true through architecture--and old Bavarian fairy tales continue to inspire dreams, even in the urban expanse of this Southern California city.

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