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Future Animator from SMC Illustrates "Little Red Riding Hood"

Jacq Kirkman took English 61: Introduction to the Fairy Tale in 2017, and she is a story artist and illustrator based in Los Angeles. See more of her work on Instagram @jacqets.

Jacq says: "From Snow White to Shrek, the retelling of fairy tales has always served as a big inspiration for animation. Watching these stories in the form of animated movies is what first sparked my interest in fairy tales. My Little Red Riding Hood cartoons were created for an assignment in my storyboarding class at SMC where we were prompted to retell a fairytale but with a twist at the end. I decided to turn Little Red into a super buff pro wrestler who saves her grandma from being eaten by the Big Bad Wolf. In the future, I would like to work as a storyboard artist for television and I look forward to continue keeping fairy tales alive through animation!"

Jacq is also a prize winner for the SMC English 1 Prize Essay Contest, for which she wrote a paper about gender discrimination in the animation workplace.

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